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Below you will be able to find out more about the services that we are able to offer at the moment. We are open for any suggestions or ideas that might come out from your side, so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us make you dream come true.
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Cost-sharing flights

We are able to offer you the unique possibility the share a flight with your friends, colleagues or fellow aviators and get a beautiful sightseeing of our country from above. You can enjoy a local or a cross country flight while spliting the cost of the journey equally between your companions onboard including the pilot.

Introductionary or trial flights

Be a pilot for a day. If you have doubts about your future career or hobby as a pilot or simply you want to get the idea of being a pilot for a day, our dedicated team of flight instructors are here to help you. Take a seat in one of our airplanes and be at the controls, while our flight instructor will introduce you to the magic of flying and show you the basics of how to control an aircraft and how airplane flies.
Sky is not the limit!

Other services

Apart from the primary flight services that Rimin Air Ltd. is providing, we are also available to teach students to fly RC models. Aiming at the youngest aviation enthusiasts, age 4 or more we are able to work closely with them to teach them how properly and safely to operate radio controlled models and quadcopters. With the growing demand and potential of nowadays quadcopters, so called drones there are various missions that can be accomplished. We, at Rimin Air Ltd. have a team that is fully qualified and certified to operate UAVs or drones ranging from 2 kg to over 1 ton. Our operators have extensive knowledge in UAV operations worldwide and can help you to progress to a UAV career as well.
Rimin Air Ltd. has been approved as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO) by CAA of North Macedonia. The training is done in accordance with JAR-FCL regulations.