Rimin Air Ltd.


Rimin Air Ltd. has a fleet of modern, well suited aircrafts for pilot training, suitable for ab initio training as well as advanced training for commercial pilot license and flight instructor ratings. All our aircraft are equiped with dual controls, at least one VHF radion and NAV unit and a GPS and are able to demonstrate the stalling characteristics in different stages of the flight.

Socata MS894A Z3-DCZ

Built in 1973 in France, becomes the most widely used club aircraft around Europe. With its proven safety and reliability, it is heavily used for training as well as a glider tug and banner towing aircraft, thanks to its great STOL perfomance. No. of seats: 1 pilot + 3 pax Wing span: 9,7 m Length: 8,21 m Empty weight: 645 kg MTOM: 1.100 kg Engine: Franklin 6A-350C1 220 hp Cruising speed: 200 km/h Range: 1100 km € 180.00 per hour/wet incl. local taxes and VAT
Sky is not the limit!

Cessna 172N Z3-DAB

This 1979 aircraft is well cared for C172N. It looks great inside and out. Z3-DAB is a VFR equipped aircraft , excellent VFR trainer as well as a very reliable airplane to build time in. Occassionally used for parachutist dropping. No. of seats: 1 pilot + 3 pax Wing span: 11 m Length: 8,21 m Empty weight: 640 kg MTOM: 1.043 kg Engine: Lycoming O-320-H2AD 160 hp Cruising speed: 185 km/h Range: 1060 km € 160.00 per hour/wet incl. local taxes and VAT
Rimin Air Ltd. has been approved as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO) by CAA of North Macedonia. The training is done in accordance with JAR-FCL regulations.