Rimin Air Ltd.


Our facilities include a closed hangar space of 320 sq. meters, plus 3 fully equipped twin rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a common fully equipped kitchen/dining area able to fit min. 8 persons at any single time. In front of the hangar there is an asphalt apron of 800 sq. meters and an open land of more than 6000 sq. meters suitable for any outdoor activies such as: barbecue, games, open ceremonies, concerts, weddings, barbeques etc. In addition to this, we have our swimming pool with a dimensions of 10 x 4 meters and depth varying between 1 and 2 meters for your pool parties and gathering on your disposal.

Team buiding

If you are looking for a unique experience for your employees, we are here to give you the unforgettable moments of your life. We are able to offer a team builduing activities for your employees, colleagues or members. At out facilities you can have your company party at the pool, while having barbeque and the option of be a pilot for a day in one of our airplanes or a glider with our experienced instructors at the controls with you. Price upon request

Private parties

If you have a birthday, party or wedding, we are able to offer our facilities for you. As our premises are out of populated areas, there is no one to be bothered around by the music. The apron is ideal for an open sky party during the warm months. The hangar space can be easily converted and decorated according to your desire and acommodate up to 300 guest. Available for rent!


The fenced area of our facilities are aprox. 9500 square meters and as such offer a wide open space suitable for an open space event such as concert. The apron is an asphalt area of 800 square meters that is directly in front of an open land of nearly 6000 square meters which can be filled with audience. The estimate number of people that can comfortably be in our fenced area is 10 000 persons. Available for rent!


PILOT FOR A DAY! Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom at Shtip airfield, getting an introductional flight with a flight instructor in one of our aircrafts. Offer includes: - Flight in duration of 30 minutes; - One night in twin bedroom; - Pilot headset rent for the flight; - Lunch at the airfield; $ 100.00 per person incl. local taxes and VAT
Sky is not the limit!
Rimin Air Ltd. has been approved as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO) by CAA of North Macedonia. The training is done in accordance with JAR-FCL regulations.